Easy-To-Use IPL Depilatory Laser

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The Easy-To-Use IPL Depilatory Laser is the easiest way to remove hair from home. This little device is like having a spa treatment

You'll get permanent results with the Easy-To-Use IPL Depilatory Laser!

The hair removal tool is perfect for both men & women and can be used anywhere on the body.

It's safe & painless!

Right now, the Easy-To-Use IPL Depilatory Laser is on SALE!


  • Applicable: 110~240V working voltage; suitable for all outlets
  • More Flash Times: 600000 flashes for continuous use
  • LCD Display: Easy-to-see screen
  • Two Modes of Operation: Automatic and manual
  • Painless: Five Adjustable energy levels depending on skin's sensitivity
  • Fast Treatment: Great for an area of the body and covers 4 cms at one time
  • Skin Detection Sensor: Numbers on LCD Display blink when the unit is ready to be used
  • Permanent Results: IPL works inside pores and destroys hair papilla
  • Long Life: Quartz Lamp design last long due to enhanced durability
  • Safe: Does not harm the skin
  • Convenient: Compact & portable design makes it easy to store & travel with


  1. Using twice per week at the beginning.
  2. When the hair stops growing or only some fine hair grows, use at least 1 time per month for maintenance.
  3. The use frequency may differ depending on the person.
  4. Change operation times according to the density of the hair.

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Easy-To-Use IPL Depilatory Laser
  • 1 x Adaptor
  • 1 x US plug
  • 1 x Operation Manual